Merrick Copeland celebrates 1st anniversary at WPC

Merrick Copeland celebrates 1st anniversary at WPC

Today marks one year since the award-winning Merrick Copeland joined the WPC News team.  She made her name during the Allied invasion of Iraq and was the first journalist to report from Baghdad after it fell in March 2003 and was one of the few journalists permitted to cover the execution of Saddam Hussein at Camp Justice in December 2006.

But what made Merrick a household name was her reports from Tunisia during the early days of the Arab Spring. Embedded with opposition forces she covered some of the most significant events in the overthrown of President Ben-Ali. 

With her reputation well established, Merrick accepted a anchor role with CNBC prior to her move to WCP last year. Merrick returned home to Ireland last year becoming the leading face of WCP News. Thanks for the first year, Merrick and here’s to many more!   


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