Caiaphas Organisation denounces Ukrainian refugee measures

Caiaphas Organisation denounces Ukrainian refugee measures

The Caiaphas Organisation has denounced the relaxation in visa restrictions to give those fleeing the war in Ukraine easier access to the Walled City. Local churches and humanitarian groups had demanded an easing of restrictions to help hundreds of thousands of refugees to escape the war zone. Ian Martin, who heads Caiaphas – a pro-government authoritarian group – criticised the relaxation as dangerously irresponsible. “At a time when our own society is struggling to get back on its own feet after the pandemic,” Mr Martin said, “it seems highly irresponsible to be opening the floodgates to these people without any of the usual checks or scrutiny.” The Caiaphas organisation is one of a number of groups which have expressed concern about the refugee issue, although polling suggests their views are out of step with a majority of the population.


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